March 7, 2016

AUSI Dive Courses

Experience scuba diving on the spectacular and world famous Great Barrier Reef

Complete your AUSI Open Water Dive course on board Anaconda III and dive in the some of the most spectacular reefs in the world. Explore the tropical waters filled with some of the most unique reefs in the worlds and experience swimming among the thousands of fish and coral species that live in the Great Barrier Reef. This course offers students the best opportunity to learn, taking only 8 students at time and ensuring you won’t lost in the crowd.

The AUSI Open Water Dive Course is one the most valued courses on the East Coast of Australia, allowing for its students to snorkel anywhere in the world once complete. For your chance to experience diving in the Great Barrier Reef, explore the Whitsundays and also gain your AUSI certification, jump on board Anaconda III!

AUSI Open Water Dive Course Features:

  • Full 5 day course
  • 4 scuba dives in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
  • Textbook, workbook, logbook and dive tables included
  • Highly trained, well respected and experienced instructors to make sure you get the most out of your course
  • All dive equipment included
  • Night dives available at additional cost
  • 2 days of pool skills and theory
  • 3 days and 3 nights on board Anaconda III
  •  AUSI (Australian Underwater Scuba Instructors) Certification

Sample Itinerary

Two days pool and theory training:

Your first two days of training will start on a Thursday or Monday, and are conducted in a teaching pool and classroom prior to your Anaconda III trip. You will be taught skills and theory needed to conduct safe diving in open waters, including kit assembly and the physics behind the sport. These two days will include theory assessments, pool dives and swim test (tread water for 1 minute).

Three days and three nights on Anaconda III:

You will do you open water scuba dives off of Anaconda III during your three day tour. Your first dive will take place in the fringing reefs of the Whitsunday Islands, offering calm and shallow conditions for security and comfort. Your following dives will take place on the Outer Great Barrier Reef, where you will complete four skill training dives in the open water under the guidance of your instructor, a requirement to complete your AUSI course

Day 1 Students meet at the dive centre at 9:00am with all necessary paperwork, including passport photos and medical certificate if necessary. You will complete three theory lessons with instruction and three pool sessions. It is advised that you bring your own lunch, drinks and snacks.
Day 2 On day two, you will being assembling your own gear as well as complete two more theory sessions and pool sessions. By end of day, you will complete and exam to gauge your level of competency before finishing your course by 3:00pm.

After checking in at Magnums, you will join the diving crew on board Anaconda III for your three day, three night tour of the Whitsundays, where you will complete four open water dives.

Day 3 Enjoy your first day on the water, as you being your open water training on board Anaconda III, enjoying the beautiful Whitsundays Islands on your inclusive and adventurous tour.
Day 4 Relax and enjoy the beautiful reefs as your complete your open water training sessions, keeping an eye out for the plentiful and unique marine life of the Great Barrier Reef. Also take the time to enjoy the beautiful Whitehaven Beach and the amazing views at Hill Inlet Lookout with the rest of Anaconda’s guests and crew. Undertake a night dive once you are certified and discover the underwater world with the guidance of the your dive crew.
Day 5 Enjoy your last day on board Anaconda III, scuba diving with your friends and enjoying the beautiful Whitsundays.  Once you’re back on land, you will be issued your world recognized certification card that will enable you to dive all over the world.


Please note that in order to complete your AUSI course you will need to bring two passport photos. You must also fill in a medical questionnaire before starting the course that will be sent via email at time of booking. Depending on the results, of the questionnaire, you may be asked to completely an Australian Dive Medial AS45001 prior to course at your own expense.